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When the researchers tweaked the timing, respondents claimed it felt as if some other presence was touching them. Others claimed it felt as though the room was now full of people, rather than the few researchers who were actually present.

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Again, respondents were blindfolded during the act. When they crunched the data to see what parts of the patients' brains were firing during these lab-created FoP episodes, researchers saw activity in three areas of the central cortex that deal with visual input, memories, and perception.

Now, this kind of knowledge can potentially go a long way toward finding a cure for alleviating certain symptoms of schizophrenia. Knowing where the brain is malfunctioning is the first step toward fixing it. As this examination into a trio of spiritually based case studies attests, the other half of the problem involves cultural associations. In other words, even if the most perfectly designed drug fixes whatever's going on in the person's brain, it's not enough to counter some great ghost stories.

Because of that link, ghosts are never going to die. Katie Heaney went to a haunted house.

Did she—or anyone else—see anything? It depends on whether or not they wanted to.

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Athletes often claim that their breakthroughs come when a game starts unfolding at a slower pace. Can psychology explain the phenomenon they're describing? A fourth-generation Jayhawk looks back at the sometimes-bloody history of his home state. The ghosts, it turns out, aren't the thing to be afraid of. Ostracized by science, the world's oldest paranormal research organization clings to a vanishing sense of wonder. The brain sometimes renders new and traumatic events in slow motion so it can adequately inventory the details. So, carefully select like ghosts head is a half successful of this project.

Most important thing is, the base should 3 sides closed and 1 side remain open, remember this to all shapes. After selecting base head, by using cardboards make an close cover on it and also top of the base head,Except one side, by using duct tape. Then by using sharp knife or scissors cut that drawn eyes and mouth. Don't take away this setup cardboard with cutted eyes and mouth from base.

Then cover that paper clay over the card board by using just hand except that cutted eyes and mouth.

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Apply like this by 3 sides. After completed over covering wrap this setup by using an large plastic cover and slightly rub on top surface of the mould, to do this we can get smooth surface finish on ghosts head. After applying and finishing is completed over cardboard heat dry this to 60 hours 2 and half days in direct sunlight.

After, 2 and half days dry completed, take away that cardboard with paper clay. It might be strong and lite in weight. Ghosts head is completed now. Next step is doing shoulders and hand, for this I prefer an steel wire. Take 5 feet length and 5mm Dia of thickness steel wire, Bend in the both ends like looking hands and middle part what your desired shape of the head. We connect the middle bended wire with head of Ghost by using thread.

After connecting the wire with head by help oh threads from inside out. Then excess threads removed by scissors, And hide that excess threads in top the head by using paper clay and dry this to one day 24 hours is enough. I use aluminium foil paper as a reflectors that stick inside the head by help of glue. This reflectors gave a party mood to Ghosts when using party lights.

That was great! I was just studying how the roller coaster works. Fast forward to 11 years after my first roller coaster ride… It was and I was about to begin my senior year in high school, but was on summer vacation. A few weeks before, my mom and I had decided to paint my room, so we moved the furniture out onto the patio, and covered the carpet in plastic. We lay there reading magazines for a while, and just before midnight, my mom decided she was ready for sleep. She turned out the light, and was asleep within minutes.

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  • Just as I was about to reach for my Walkman, I saw a round light appear in the upper right corner of the bedroom. I got a bit freaked out, playing all types of scenarios rapidly in my head. Was an intruder in the yard, shining a flashlight through the sliding glass door? I quickly looked at the dresser mirror, searching for light that may be ricocheting from mirror to wall. Were my friends in the yard trying to get me to sneak out?


    I looked back up at the circle of light, which had now expanded to about a 1 foot circumference. Just as I was about to wake my mom, the face of my Great Great Aunt Irene appeared in the center of the circle. I stared, mouth agape and barely able to breathe. Her face hovered, she looked so serene and peaceful. Behind her, I could see grey silhouettes of people-shaped forms walking to the left.

    After around 1 minute, her face faded out, as did the light. I was again in a pitch-black room, as my mom snored away, completely unaware of what I just witnessed. The next morning at 7am, the phone rang. A few days later, we learned from her son that she did indeed pass away at am Michigan time, which would have been am in the time zone where I live.

    So… I would like to see how science could explain this. I genuinely wonder if there is some explanation, other than seeing a physical manifestation of her spirit. Was in my early 30's. My uncle lived across the road from us. He had been in a nursing home for about 6 months and he condition stayed about the same. One night I woke up at AM and there was a white ball way up in the air moving from town toward our direction. I could see it even though I was not looking out a window. It came over our house and went to my uncles house. Stayed a minute or two and then left.

    By morning I had mostly forgotten about it. Went to my parents house which is on the same property. When I opened the door my mom told me my uncle had passed away.

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    I asked what time. They said they got the call about AM. I've heard many similar stories. If they need to say goodbye or see you one last time, they will. Some may be confused and stay around too long and some may just move on to wherever they go. So what this article means to tell me is that when I was three years old, living with both of my parents, not knowing what a ghost was, just hallucinated the whole thing? Sorry, not believing that.

    Nice try though. When I was a toddler, I had no idea what a Native American was or what they wore, but somehow I managed to "dream up" a freaking ghost in the hallway who visited me. If you want, I can give you the story. That memory sticks with me even now. Anyone can deny my story, skeptics can deny my story but I know what I saw and the story has never changed once.

    If a toddler was visited by one without any idea what the hell a ghost was or even how the hell it got there, then psychologists need to stop being close-minded and trying to explain things with a hypothesis.

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    If you don't have any experience with dealing with the spirit world then stop trying to make sense of it because it won't work. Sorry, not sorry. The same thing happened to my daughter when she was 3 years old. She was really upset and crying and asking me "Why don't my daddy come see me? She finally fell asleep sobbing as I rubbed her head and forehead. The next morning she came bouncing in the kitchen all happy and everything and I ask her "Did you have a good sleep?

    She said, "Yes, mommy. I woke up cryin' and their was this big man with glasses and a beard and he held me all night and told me everything was gonna be alright and my room smelt like cherries. Thankfully she wasn't looking at me she was getting in her chair at the table to eat her breakfast. My Dad past away when she was an infant. He weighed lbs. There is no way she knew this because the only pictures I had of him out on the walls was black and white pics of his head when he was young.

    I had never mentioned Cherry tobacco around her either. So I know that my Dad comforted my daughter that night and made her feel better. Around the same time this incident happened I was married to my second husband and he was abusive to me. A few weeks later after my daughter telling me this, my husband had me cornered in the bedroom with the door locked and was threatening me with a straight razor.

    All of a sudden he stopped in his tracks with his straight razor over me and he said, "What's that smell??